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During the Covid19 pandemic growing numbers of people in Birmingham are struggling to afford food. Could you become a food champion for your street?

Feedbirmingham day1 collection

Food banks and other food distributing organisations who help to get food to those in need, are running extremely short of food and we are now at the lowest levels ever seen since the Coronavirus epidemic began. We are asking our communities to come together to help.

We are looking for more people to become food champions for their street. To act as a collection point for non-perishable food, toiletries, baby milk, nappies and feminine hygiene products. These can be delivered to St Mary and St Ambrose Church, Pershore Road, on Fridays between 11 and 2. If you are unable to deliver your donations and would like them to be collected you can call 07443 762 478 or email and West Midlands Police volunteers will come and pick it up for you.

Thrive Together Birmingham has been working with Edgbaston Foundation and West Midlands Police since early May to collect donations from in and around Birmingham to bolster supplies at foodbanks and food distributers across the City.

Foodbanks and other food distribution organisations have seen a doubling in people accessing their services during the COVID19 pandemic and more food is needed. Every week food providers all over Birmingham are contacted by Thrive Together Birmingham to see where there is the greatest need and the food is delivered to them by volunteers.

Fred Rattley, CEO of Thrive Together Birmingham, said:

“Thank you to everyone who has donated food to help us #feedbirmingham over the past three weeks. But as demand is continuing to grow at foodbanks it’s not too late to help.

“Could you organise food collections on your street to help those in need? You can either deliver your donation to your local foodbank or bring your donation to St Mary and St Ambrose Church, Pershore Road, on Fridays between 11 and 2. If you need someone to collect your donation please contact us and we will arrange for someone to come and pick up it up from your home.”

Ravi Masih, Head of Community Engagement at Warwickshire County Cricket Club and Lead of the Edgbaston Foundation, said:

“More than 22 Club staff have joined together with some members of the Warwickshire playing squad on our Tuesday repackaging and Friday sorting and storage volunteer shifts, which we started three weeks ago through this partnership with Thrive Together Birmingham.

“Whilst it’s a small part to play in the bigger picture of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re thrilled that our community response can lend a helping hand, with more than £8,000 of food sorted and repackaged for those in need.

“We’re delighted to be able to support our near neighbours, including Sparkhill Food Bank, Anawim, and St. Basils, but also because of the volume of donations that our support has been extended right across all parts of the city.”

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