The Body Mind Spirit Partnership is a group of church linked organisations who are committed to working with older people in communities to improve their quality of life and their health and well-being through participation.


The partnership is on a journey of understanding what that looks like in each neighbourhood we are active in.  We are  working  in ways that value the contribution that older people have to make to our communities and help to keep people active, safe and well. This means that within the partnership there are very different approaches that vary from locally led small activity groups to larger facilitated activities to befriending and courses.


The partnership supports the sharing of good practice, informal peer mentoring and action learning for the development workers who are based in each of the independent member partner organisations.


The partnership is growing in number and changing as we explore how we collaborate further with organisations that value our Asset Based approach to working with people and can bring additional skills and understanding that improve the outcomes for older people.


For any further inform ation please contact Jo Bagby at [email protected]