Thrive Together Birmingham aims to support and grow the movement of individuals, churches and organisations who, motivated by their faith, are committed to addressing issues of poverty and to playing their part in helping their neighbourhoods to flourish

Thrive Together Birmingham is a joint venture charity of the Church of England Birmingham and Church Urban Fund which supports churches to fully play their part in tackling poverty and helping their neighbourhoods to flourish.

Part of the Community Regeneration Department of the Church of England Birmingham, we work with churches, individuals and organisations in a number of different ways, often tailored to the local context, supporting them to

  • develop activities that meet the needs of their communities, 
  • build strong neighbourhood relationships,
  • understand the needs of their community, 
  • collaborate with other people, particularly other faith communities, who are also committed to addressing issues of poverty and social justice and to helping their neighbourhoods flourish.

Initiatives we coordinate 

As well as bespoke support with churches we are involved in coordinating and overseeing a number of initiatives in Birmingham; these are Near Neighbours, Birmingham Churches Night Shelter, Places of Welcome, Body Mind and Spirit Partnership, Birmingham Poverty Truth as well as facilitating the Know Your Church Know Your Neighbourhood process with churches.

We are also partners in Sandwell Churches Link and Standing in the Gaps